DOTS for Children

Giving Your Child the Resources They Need

All sessions for paediatric occupational therapy in London are determined by the outcome of an assessment that we will do with your child or via the report that you have provided. It is important to confirm whether the child is ready for therapy, and whether different intervention or professional input may be more useful. These sessions are always adapted closely to the to meet the child's needs of each child, with certain therapies, like sensory integration, requiring a specific method. They Each session generally last 50 minutes in total to allow for an additional 10 minutes of note writing time. A carer or educational staff member must be present so they can implement what we have shown in each session throughout the week (s).

If you have any questions about the way we do assessments or sessions for paediatric occupational therapy in London (Southwark), feel free to get in touch at any time.


Please note that sessions can only be provided if you've either had an OT therapy session you can produce a report for with SMART targets and baseline assessments or if we've done the assessment ourselves.

The following assessments can be provided:

  • Full assessment (3 hours across two sessions)
  • Legal assessment (3 hours for tribunal purposes)
  • Partial assessment/Baselines assessment (90 minutes to 2 hours)
  • Review assessments (only for clients known to the service)
  • Seating assessments (60 minutes)
  • Specialist Sensory processing assessments (SIPTS - 3 hours)

Who Do We Work With?

Private Clients

If you are a parent with a child who would benefit from paediatric occupational therapy in London (Southwark), an assessment can be done from the comfort and convenience of your own home or at school. We will work to learn about your child’s specific needs and come up with the most suitable and effective form of care and support. Every case is different, so we are careful to hear your goals and use the resources at our disposal to work towards them.

Legal Sector

DOTS for Children works closely with the legal sector, providing specialist services to solicitors and legal firms. Assessments and reports for educational tribunals can be provided at short notice and at a place convenient for you, with a view towards identifying difficult areas, providing initial advice, and gathering the information needed to highlight risks and inform a detailed written report that will hold up in Tribunal.

Education & Healthcare Provision

Assessment and treatment can be provided to children in a home or school educational setting to ensure the right kind of support is given to children and teenagers whose special educational needs require support where they need it the most. We know that each child has different needs and take care to tailor the service accordingly, working with case managers, parents, LA'S, and educational staff to guarantee consistency and quality at every stage.

Case Management

Our job vision is to serve as a reliable, professional point of contact for case management issues that require the expertise of an occupational therapist. Our work will involve identifying areas of difficulty during bespoke assessments. We will also support intervention packages that involves care and equipment provision, therapeutic intervention, adaptations to home environments (minor only), as well as managing MDT working.

Adoption Support Fund

We have high levels of experience in working with adoption support funds to provide the right kind of support to children who have experienced trauma/abuse, working closely with social workers to create a bespoke solution therapeutic package of care that best suits that child. The process of adoption or being a special guardian is often challenging, and therapeutic support may need to be provided to both the family and child following adoption to manage past experiences and to support further development of sensory regulation and independence skills. A number of different forms of intervention can be offered, including, trauma informed sensory integration therapy.